Engineering Portfolio

This engineering portfolio encapsulates a range of meticulously executed projects that reflect my expertise in conceptualization, design, and implementation. Spanning diverse engineering domains, the portfolio underscores my commitment to innovation, precision, and sustainability. Each project exemplifies my ability to tackle complex challenges, collaborate effectively, and deliver solutions that blend technical excellence with real-world impact. From cutting-edge technological advancements to intricately designed solutions, this collection serves as a testament to my dedication to pushing the boundaries of engineering for a better future.

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Work at Tech Tank

The engineering portfolio presented herein offers a curated selection of transformative projects conceived and executed by myself during my employment at Tech Tank. This collection showcases the fusion of technical mastery, creative ingenuity, and unwavering commitment to excellence that defines my contributions. Spanning diverse domains within the engineering landscape, each project underscores a holistic approach to problem-solving, collaborative teamwork, and the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies. This portfolio not only reflects my proficiency in crafting solutions but also highlights my dedication to propelling Tech Tank’s ethos of innovation to new frontiers.

Tech Tank

Injection Molding Facility

1825 Peninsula Drive, Erie PA 16505

(814) 450-1062

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Projects at University of Akron

This comprehensive portfolio reflects the transformative journey of my education at the University of Akron, encompassing a diverse array of projects that epitomize my academic and personal growth. Spanning disciplines and domains, these projects stand as a testament to my dedication, adaptability, and intellectual evolution throughout my university years. From collaborative endeavors that honed my teamwork and communication skills to individual research initiatives that showcased my analytical prowess, each project is a mosaic piece contributing to a holistic depiction of my multifaceted capabilities. This portfolio not only exemplifies the knowledge and expertise gained during my time at the University of Akron but also underscores my commitment to continuous learning and the ever-expanding horizons of innovation.

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K400 Laser Cutter

This portfolio encapsulates the culmination of my innovative pursuits, with a central focus on a meticulously crafted DIY laser cutter project. Unlike my other portfolios, this collection uniquely showcases the fusion of theoretical engineering prowess and hands-on skills on just a single personal project, as I embarked on the journey of conceptualizing, designing, and fabricating a functional laser cutter from scratch. Through rigorous research, iterative design, and meticulous integration of mechanical, electrical, and software components, this project stands as a testament to my ability to transform abstract concepts into tangible, cutting-edge solutions. This distinct portfolio not only highlights my proficiency in engineering but also underscores my unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering results that are both functional and visionary.

Personal Projects

Welcome to my portfolio showcasing a collection of my personal engineering and technology projects. As a dedicated enthusiast in the realm of engineering and technology, I have embarked on a journey of innovation and exploration during my personal time. These projects reflect my unwavering passion for pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creativity in the fields that captivate me. Below, you will find a selection of projects that illustrate my skills, expertise, and commitment to continuous learning.

  • Blast Gates

    Blast Gates

    3D Print or laser cut your own blast gates for a dust collection system. A cheap, simple alternative to mass market blast gates.

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  • Dust Collector Design Guide

    Dust Collector Design Guide

    Design guide and theory for the dust collection system used in my woodshop. A two stage cyclonic dust separator using the thein baffle design.

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  • Laser OMS

    Laser OMS is an Etsy and WordPress integrated order and expense management system that is customizable and efficiently simple.

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  • Product Backdrop

    Product Backdrop

    The custom product backdrop used at LeBoeuf Lasing. How it was made, and why it’s needed for a good e-commerce store. Including the construction thought process and steps.

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  • Resin Automatic Filler

    Resin Automatic Filler

    A homemade resin LCD printer auto filler project. A learning experience with arduinos, stepper motors, and peristaltic pumps.

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