The K400 Laser Cutter

The K400 is my large format laser cutter project made from components of the K40 generic laser cutter. It is currently in the building stage. See below for updates!

Designs coming soon.

  • 0.5 Aluminum Extrusions

    Using a bin packing algorithm to determine stock quantity of extruded aluminum.

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  • 0.4 Laser Cutter Base

    The first building step of the K400 laser cutter project. The base is a lumber framed construction to support the rest of the laser.

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  • 0.3 Laser Cutter Enclosure

    The design of the enclosure for the k400 laser cutter including some design thought process and manufacturing layout process.

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  • 0.2 3D Printed Parts Optimization and Verification

    Looking at FEA and it uses in CAD and part testing. Using FEA to test 3d printed parts for the laser cutter.

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  • 0.1 Gantry And Bed

    The start of the CAD Design. Why I’m doing this, and why it looks the way it does.

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