Customized Growth Chart Ruler

We offer a growth chart in the shape of a ruler! Measure and record the height of your children’s life, or give the perfect gift at a baby shower. Our growth chart can record a total of six feet from 0.5′ to 6.5′. The ruler starts at 6 inches above the ground to clear any baseboards or trim.

The growth chart can be personalized with any message or name. Add your desired text in the personalization box of checkout. Anything goes, but the most common option is a name at the 5-foot mark.

How our ruler is different

Our growth charts are better than others you might find online. They are made of premium basswood that can be stained or finished with clear polyurethane. The text is the most important part though. The text and marks are laser cut out of 0.25″ wood and hand glued onto each board. The height and texture of the wood make the board much more interesting than a flat panel. The text and marks won’t wear out, tear, or smudge like a glued-on vinyl sticker might.

Where to get it?

For now, we cannot currently ship out growth charts. A relatively thin package that is 6 feet long, like our growth chart, would get pretty banged up in shipping. Not to mention that the cost of shipping would be close to doubling the price.

You can pick up an un-customized growth chart at Edinboro Market, or order a personalized one to pick up from our site here!

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