What is a butcher block?

The terms “butcher block” and “cutting board” are used somewhat interchangeably on the internet. For the case of our website and store, cutting boards are light-duty cutting surfaces or display charcuterie boards. They are sufficient for the average household and often have a more interesting design because of the side grain that is visible.

Butcher blocks are designed for heavier use or commercial use. The end grain of the board faces up rather than the side grain. This makes the board better for knives, leaving them sharper. The end grain also helps to hide knife marks giving a better long-term appearance. Any industrial or commercial cutting station will have a butcher block cutting board.

Mahogany Butcher Block
Mahogany Butcher Block

Our Butcher Blocks

The blocks we offer come in the size 16″ x 12″ x 1.75″. This is too big for us to engrave at this time, but we’re working on that. The short edges of our blocks have handles in them, as they can be heavy and slippery when wet. They are made of premium hardwood from the local area and can be found on our site and on Etsy.

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