Edinboro Demonstration

Video Overview

This video is a demonstration of the manufacturing process for our depth maps. It was shown at the Edinboro Market Meet and Greet Session!

  1. First, the plywood is cut to shape on the laser cutter then painted the desired lakewater color.
  2. Then the layers of plywood are glued together to form the stack up. A weight is placed on top to keep the layers flat and parallel.
  3. The glued-up stack is trimmed on the table saw to create an even edge, and then is sanded to remove any wood tar buildup from the engraving process. A clear coat is then applied for protection.
  4. Reclaimed Pallet wood is collected and thermally treated. (Not Shown)
  5. Then the pallet wood is cut down to size for the maps on the bandsaw.
  6. Pallet wood is cut with 45-degree miters and glued to the plywood stack, and a sawtooth hanger is glued on the back to finish the map.
Erie Airport Map
Map of Erie Airport

Why Our Maps Stand Out

A personalized depth map of a lake or any other body of water is more than just a simple gift; it holds the power to evoke profound emotions and create lasting memories. Imagine presenting someone with a beautifully crafted representation of their favorite lake, adorned with intricate details showcasing the depths beneath its surface. This unique and thoughtful gesture not only highlights their love for nature but also captures their personal connection to a specific place. Each contour and gradient on the depth map tells a story of their cherished experiences, from leisurely boat rides to fishing adventures or peaceful moments spent gazing at the water’s tranquil beauty. With every glance at the customized depth map, the recipient is transported back to those cherished moments, igniting feelings of nostalgia, joy, and a deep sense of appreciation. It is a heartwarming and personable gift that celebrates both their passion for water and the memories they hold dear, making it a truly meaningful and unforgettable present.

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